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Résumé Goat is an online résumé service based in Austin, TX. At Résumé Goat, our goal is to get you the job you desire. We do this by taking your credentials and expanding on them to give you the professional edge you need to get ahead in the business. Then, we work hard to design a custom résumé suited to your personality and desired career. 

Templates? What are those? Résumé Goat never uses templates. You can rest assured knowing that your résumé writing and design is one-of-a-kind and custom-built just for you!
We design beautiful, career-specific résumés that will get you noticed and set you apart from the competition. A custom design means your résumé will never be lost in a stack of papers! 

We work hard to consolidate your credentials, shine light on your talents, and expand on your experience and expertise to build you a résumé suited to your field and most importantly, get you the job! The more details you give us in your application, the better we can represent you on your résumé. 

In addition to managing Résumé Goat, Diana is a Senior Résumé Writer for Randstad (the world's second largest HR consulting firm), RiseSmart, and Monster.com. 
Diana oversees every résumé that comes through Résumé Goat and insists on being the point of contact for every client. 
Diana has expertise across a variety of fields stemming from formal education and professional experience in business, education, psychology, English, marketing, public relations, culinary arts, high-end fashion, and animal welfare. And yes, she loves goats. 
Diana established Résumé Goat (formerly known as Professionalize Me) in 2011 after her father, the Vice President of a major New York City advertising company, was laid off during the economic recession. After months without an income, he was unable to afford a professional résumé service, which were asking upwards of $500 for a résumé. How in the world could someone out of work afford that? Diana realized she could put her talents to good use and help not just her father, but other people in the same predicament. That's when Résumé Goat was born. 

There are millions of hard-working, qualified professionals in search of work who haven't been given the chance they deserve because they don't have the resume they deserve. Diana wanted to change that, so she did. For the past several years she's been able to help a lot of people by writing and designing professional résumés at affordable prices. Recently, she's expanded the company to include a freelance writer when times are busy.


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