frequently asked questions
How soon can I expect my résumé?
Résumés will be delivered to you via email within 7-10 business days. 
If you need your résumé sooner, we can expedite it upon request. Choose the Expedited option at checkout. 
In which format(s) will my résumé be delivered?
Your résumé will be delivered in .pdf and .txt formats.
Why? Unlike other formats, the .pdf format allows fonts to be embedded into the document. This means your résumé will look exactly the same on every comptuer, regardless of the fonts the user has. The .txt format is provided so you can easily upload your résumé into online job applications.
How long has Résumé Goat been in the résumé business?
Résumé Goat, formerly Professionalize Me, has been in the résumé writing and design business since 2011. Diana's diverse portfolio includes executive, finance, information technology, helicopter pilot, teacher, student, real estate, the sciences, and more.

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