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ATS Optimized Résumé Writing & Design Services + LinkedIn Optimization Services + Personal Branding Services

by Senior Professional Résumé Writer, Graphic Designer & Personal Brand Strategist Diana Dussan

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You're great.

All you need is a great storyteller.

Your story is great.

Let's create a custom-tailored résumé that articulates your value,

boosts your confidence, and lands you the opportunity of your dreams.

Personal Brand Services

Transforming great people like you into the greatest of all time—on paper and online
—with personal branding tools that will get you noticed and hired fast.

A visually-stunning, job-winning, and ATS optimized résumé with a bespoke design and writing that commands attention and secures interviews

Build your own package by bundling Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Optimization services

A one-pager with a striking hook, 1-2 paragraphs, bullet points, and a memorable closing paragraph

Add to a résumé service to build your own package (and save big!) or purchase à la carte.

LinkedIn Optimization

Stand out to the 97% of recruiters who use LinkedIn to find candidates 

Add to a résumé service to build your own package (and save big!) or purchase à la carte.



Your story, in an engaging full-page or half-page professional bio, for use on company websites, professional portfolios, and more 

A specialized résumé for veterans that translates your military experience into civilian-friendly language, captures your value proposition, and positions you as a top candidate

NEW! Now included with every résumé package, branded to match all of your documents 

(Learn more here)

Industries + professions 

Specializing in Impactful LinkedIn and Résumé Writing Services

Expertise in Career Change Résumés, Executive/C-Level Résumés, Military-to-Civilian Résumés, Creative Résumés, Consultant Résumés, and Startup Founder Résumés with a continually expanding portfolio across a wide range of professions

  • Business, HR & Finance (e.g., Operations Manager, Human Resources Manager, Financial Manager, Business Analyst, Accountant/CPA)

  • C-Level & Executive-Level (e.g., CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, VP, President, Business Owner)

  • Information Technology (IT) (e.g., UX/UI Engineer, Software Engineer, SaaS Engineer, Tech Founder, Tech Startup CEO)

  • Marketing & Design (e.g., Marketing Manager, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Set Designer)

  • Aviation (e.g., Helicopter Pilot, Airplane Pilot, Flight Attendants, Airline Staff)

  • Education (e.g., Educator, Teacher, Instructional Designer, Career Counselor, Career Advisor, School Counselor)

  • Writing (e.g., Copywriter, Copy Editor, Broadcast Journalist, Editor) 

  • Skilled Labor & Trades (e.g., Wind Turbine Technician, Telecommunications Technician, HVAC Technician, Semiconductor Mechanic)

  • Manufacturing (e.g., Welding Technician, Semiconductor Processor, Manufacturing Engineer, Production Operator, Manufacturing Engineer)

  • Legal (e.g., IP/Trademark/Copyright Attorney, Human Resources Attorney, Labor & Employee Relations Attorney, Probate Attorney, Business Attorney, Paralegal, Legal Secretary)

  • Medical (e.g., Doctor, Nurse, Medical Administration Professional, EMT/Paramedic, Caregiver)

  • Warehousing (e.g., Forklift Operator, Operations Manager)

  • Blue Collar 

  • Service Industry & Career Change from Service Industry

  • Consulting or Business Advising (e.g., Consultant, Business Advisor)

  • Startup or Business Ownership (e.g., Startup Founder, Startup CEO, Co-Founder, Principal, Managing Partner, Partner)

  • Entry-Level (Associate Professional, Junior Professional)

  • College Students & New Graduates

  • Graduate Programs (i.e., for use in applying to university graduate programs, research programs, or fellowships)

  • Military to Civilian or Government (i.e., transitioning from the military/government to the civilian sector)

  • Law Enforcement (e.g., Fireman, MI5 Counterintelligence Director, Police Officer, Police Chief) 

  • Career Change Résumé/Transferrable Skills Résumé (i.e., transitioning to a different field and needing to showcase transferrable skills)

  • Stay-at-Home Parent (i.e., for moms or dads looking to get back into the workforce after a hiatus)

turnaround time


Usually within 5 business days


Within 7 business days


Within 7 business days


Rush your order by selecting the Expedite option at checkout, and receive your resume within 3 business days or less for an additional fee.

If you need it even sooner, just let me know and I'll see what I can do! You can email me directly at


Hi. My name is Diana Dussan. I am a Résumé Writer, Graphic Designer & Personal Brand Strategist.
I help people craft memorable first impressions that accelerate their careers, prepare them for major transitions, and win big opportunities—from job offers to speaking engagements.

As your dedicated personal brand strategist, I will work one-on-one with you to personally write and design an impactful résumé that (i) articulates your value, (ii) curates your individual talents, (iii) positions you as the answer for the needs of employers, (vi) utilizes the right keywords, and (v) aligns your transferrable skills seamlessly with the positions you're most interested in pursuing. That way, when a hiring manager opens your resume, they don't need to go looking for information or try and figure out if your skills align with their needs. Instead, from first glance, the right information will pop off the page. I want them to immediately think, "Wow! This candidate is perfect for the job!" 

By taking this thoughtful, comprehensive approach, your résumé will instantly hook the attention of hiring managers, get you marked as a preferred candidate in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) (software HR teams use to organize applicants and manage the hiring process), and secure you interviews.

Do I really need a résumé Writer?

If you've been asking yourself, "Should I pay someone to write my résumé?" The answer is: it depends. If it's been a while since you've updated your resume, I recommend asking yourself these 6 questions.


Along with the rise of web3, tech, social media, and third wave coffee, the job market has changed considerably in the last few years, and in turn, so have résumés. Résumés are more intentional, streamlined, and hyper-focused on the skills, experience, and achievements you can offer specifically to the positions for which you're applying.


An effective résumé in 2022 needs to be optimized with keywords and maximize on graphic design methodologies to draw the reader's eyes to the right information on the page. If you're not up to the monumental task of writing and designing a résumé that works or if you've already taken a stab at it and it hasn't resulted in any interviews, you may consider a LinkedIn and résumé writing service like Résumé Goat to craft you a high-impact résumé that gets you call-backs.

Traditional VS GRAPHIC résumé: What is right for me?

Résumé Goat's LinkedIn and Résumé Writing Services include Traditional ATS Résumés and ATS-Friendly Hybrid Résumés, which are both designed to catch the eye of hiring managers, position you as a preferred applicant in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and win you interviews. 


The ATS-Friendly Hybrid Résumé is designed to combine the ATS best practices of traditional Word-style résumés with the design and wow-factor of graphic/infographic résumés. If you're in a creative role or innovative industry, for example, I would recommend the ATS-Friendly Hybrid Résumé, which will give you a cutting-edge design to help you stand out in an industry where design is key. If you're in human resources or work for a government agency, however, I would recommend the Traditional ATS Résumé


There are many factors that go into deciding which type of résumé to use, and I weigh each of them carefully. Diana is knowledgeable in industry standards and best practices across a plethora of professions and will choose the résumé style that is ideal for you and your unique circumstances.

You can learn more about different styles of résumés and see samples of each at this link here. 

have secured positions at the following companies:


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