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Hello! My name is Diana. I am the owner and operator of Résumé Goat, and a Professional Résumé Writer, Graphic Designer, and Branding Specialist. 

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Welcome to my site! I would love to work with you to craft a stellar résumé. Take a look around. If you have any questions, please click the little yellow chat box to your right and ask me directly! 

Expertly Written

I write job-winning ATS-friendly résumés that are proven to get your résumé in the hands of hiring managers and, most importantly, land you interviews.


As a proud member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches™, I am current in the top industry standards and new and emerging trends.

My diverse professional experience and broad knowledge base across multiple industries and subjects enables me to offer my clients exceptional, highly effective résumés that are unmatched in content, quality, and design.


Partnering with me as your résumé writer, you can rest assured knowing that your résumé will be knowledgeable in your field, relevant to the jobs you're applying for, impressive to hiring managers, and proven to get you through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


Designer résumé 

I design high-impact, visually striking résumés that are 100% from scratch, one-of-a-kind, and custom-designed to your individual needs. 


You'll receive a design that is all your own. That goes for your Letterhead, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile too. Everything I create for you will be designed to match your résumé. No one else will have a résumé like yours! This puts my clients ahead of the competition before they even start applying.


As a résumé writer who is also a graphic designer, I don't need to rely on generic templates; I can create any design you'd like! If you already have a design or design style that you're in love with, just let me know. I would be more than happy to create something comparable. After all, I am a designer! I can create just about anything. 


Trusted Partner

I am a trusted partner to my clients—from industry leaders and C-suite executives to recent graduates.


While the majority of my clients are senior-level management to c-level executives, I work with people from all walks of life and at all stages in their careers. 

Whether you're a fabrication technician or the CEO of a big tech firm, I have the experience to deliver a high-quality résumé suited to your industry, background, and unique set of skills.


I enjoy collaborating with my clients, and my services can be as collaborative or hands-off as you'd like. You can either throw a bunch of information at me and I'll make sense of it, or we can set up a brainstorming session so I can help you dig deep and find nuggets that will set you apart on your résumé and give you a wow-factor.

Client advocate

I really and truly care. I treat every résumé as if it were my own, and I try my best to put myself in your shoes—to understand where you come from, what you're most proud of, and where you'd like to go next—and then use every tool in my wheelhouse to help you get there.


As a strong believer that your résumé should be a reflection of who you are and resonate with you on a profound level, I take special care in designing résumés that take into account your individual personality, experience, and expertise as well as the best practices for your specific industry and role.

I offer quality résumés at affordable prices by personally writing each résumé. In other words, Résumé Goat is not résumé mill.


Most résumé writing companies get you in the door, and then farm the actual work out to independent contractors. Not Résumé Goat. I am on the initial consultation, I work with you through the entire process, and I write your résumé from start to finish.
Not only does this approach constantly evolve my expertise (i.e., every day I work with multiple people across various fields and experience levels), it also lowers the price you pay for you Résumé, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, or whatever else you need, because I'm not paying a third party.
It's a win-win. One that hundreds of people took advantage of last year (and the year before, and the year before . . .).

About My Services

I offer a wide range of writing, design, and consultation services. In addition, I often receive requests to craft documents or designs that are not listed in my services. If you would like a service that is not listed, please reach out to me (Diana) at info@resumegoat.com. If your project is in my wheelhouse, I would love to help! 
My extensive writing résumé writing portfolio includes résumés for the following professions and more (much more!):
  • Business, HR & Finance (e.g., Operations Manager, Human Resources Manager, Financial Manager, Business Analyst, Accountant/CPA)
  • C-Level & Executive-Level (e.g., CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, Business Owner)
  • Information Technology (IT) (e.g., UX/UI Engineer, Software Engineer, SaaS Engineer)
  • Marketing & Design (e.g., Marketing Manager, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Set Designer)
  • Aviation (e.g., Helicopter Pilot, Airplane Pilot, Flight Attendants, Airline Staff)
  • Education (e.g., Educator, Teacher, Instructional Designer, Career Counselor, Career Advisor, School Counselor)

  • Writing (e.g., Copywriter, Copy Editor, Broadcast Journalist, Editor) 
  • Skilled Labor & Trades (e.g., Wind Turbine Technician, Telecommunications Technician, HVAC Technician, Semiconductor Mechanic)
  • Manufacturing (e.g., Welding Technician, Semiconductor Processor, Manufacturing Engineer, Production Operator, Manufacturing Engineer)
  • Legal (e.g., IP/Trademark/Copyright Attorney, Human Resources Attorney, Labor & Employee Relations Attorney, Probate Attorney, Business Attorney)
  • Medical (e.g., Doctor, Nurse, Medical Administration Professional, EMT/Paramedic, Caregiver)

  • Warehousing (e.g., Forklift Operator, Operations Manager)

  • Entry-Level & New Graduates
  • Graduate Programs (i.e., for use in applying to university graduate programs, research programs, or fellowships)
  • Military/Government to Civilian (i.e., transitioning from the military/government to the civilian sector)
  • Law Enforcement (e.g., Fireman, MI5 Counterintelligence Director, Police Officer, Police Chief) 
  • Transferrable Skills (i.e., transitioning to a different field and needing to showcase transferrable skills)
  • Stay-at-Home Parent (i.e., for moms or dads looking to get back into the workforce after a hiatus)
Learn about my process and find out How it Works, here.

how it works

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within 5 business days* 


within 5 to 7 business days*

*Due to high demand and an increased project load, I've recently increased my turnaround time. This is to ensure your resume receives the time and care that it deserves.


I also offer an expedited service, which you can choose at checkout (+$50 to $100). My expedited service ensures your résumé arrives within 3 days. If you need it even sooner, just let me know and I'll see what I can do! 


The playing field has changed drastically in the last few years. A résumé is no longer a document that summarizes your past work history in chronological order. Résumés are more intentional, streamlined, and hyper-focused on the skills, experience, and achievements you can offer specifically to the positions for which you're applying.


I specialize in crafting résumés that (i) articulate your value, (ii) curate your individual talents, (iii) position you as the answer for the needs of employers, (vi) balance and optimize the right terminology and keywords, and (v) align seamlessly with the positions you're most interested in pursuing. That way, when a hiring manager sees your resume, they stop and think, "Wow! This candidate is perfect for the job!" 


By taking this thoughtful, comprehensive approach, your résumé will instantly hook the attention of hiring managers and get you marked as a preferred candidate in the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) they use to organize applicants and manage the entire hiring process.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) simplify the recruiting process for recruiters and hiring managers by helping them organize and determine the best, most qualified candidates in the most efficient way. Many of these systems use artificial intelligence (AI) software to automate the process even more. With the AI-assisted systems, if the words (and keywords) on your résumé don't match up at the right keyword density to get past the hiring team using these systems, then your résumé won't even be truly considered or read in full by a human being. Since open positions can attract hundreds of candidates, this saves hiring managers time that would otherwise be spent manually weeding out stacks of candidates.


That's why, now, more than ever, professionals are seeking out résumé writers like me, who specialize in creating high-impact designs that are expertly written and organized in a way that draws the attention of both human and AI eyes to the right places on the page in the first few seconds that matter the most.


This is why I ask all of my clients to provide several links to job postings that they would like to set as a goal for their résumé. By doing so, I am able to study your history, compare it against the job requirements and company overviews in these job links, identify relevant cross-over, and write a résumé that aligns perfectly and speaks directly to what hiring managers are looking for. The result? Within seconds of viewing your résumé, without even having to look for the information, they think, "Whoa, this candidate is exactly who we are looking for!" 

Did you know?

Recent studies show that ATS is used by 98% of Fortune 500 companies as well as an overwhelming 66% of large companies, 55% of hiring managers, and 35% of small to mid-size companies.

Traditional ATS résumés
S-Friendly Hybrid résumés

Both Traditional ATS Résumés and ATS-Friendly Hybrid Résumés are designed to catch the eye of hiring managers, position you as a preferred applicant in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and win you interviews.

The rest is up to you! 


​I developed the ATS-Friendly Hybrid Résumé to combine the aspects of traditional ATS résumés with the design and wow-factor of infographic résumés. If you're in marketing, for example, I would recommend the ATS-Friendly Hybrid Résumé, which will give you a cutting edge design to help you stand out in an industry where design is key. If you're in human resources or work for a government agency, however, I would recommend the Traditional ATS Résumé. 


There are many factors that go into deciding which type of résumé to use, and I weigh each of them carefully. I am knowledgeable in industry standards and best practices across a plethora of professions, so don't worry! You're in good hands. 

You can learn more and see samples of each style here

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