Résumé Goat is a 5-star rated online résumé writing and design service based in Austin, TX. It is owned and operated by me, Diana Dussan. My goal is to get you the job you desire. I do this by taking your credentials and expanding on them to give you the professional edge you need to get ahead in the business. I combine expertise in résumé writing with psychology and design theory to craft résumés that are highly effective and are proven to land you interviews. Unlike most résumé writer mills and résumé builder sites,  I work with my clients directly to custom-design a résumé that is suited to your personality, your individual circumstances, and your desired job. 
never use templates. Your résumé writing and design will be one-of-a-kind and custom-built just for you! No one else will have the résumé you have (How embarrassing would that be?). I design beautiful, industry-appropriate résumés that will get you noticed and set you apart from the competition. A custom, designer-made résumé means yours will never be lost in a stack of papers! You will stand out and be memorable for all of the right reasons.
I personally write and design every résumé that comes through Résumé Goat, so you can rest easy knowing that you'll be working with me directly, and not a big firm with dozens of anonymous writers. I will consolidate your credentials, shine light on your talents, and expand on your experience and expertise to build you a résumé suited to your field and most importantly, get you the job! Your résumé has limited real estate, and I specialize in ensuring that the right nuggets of information are highlighted and stand out on the page.
I established Résumé Goat (formerly known as Professionalize Me) in 2010 after my father, the Vice President of a major New York City advertising agency, was laid off during the economic recession in 2009. After months without an income, he was unable to afford professional résumé services, which were asking upwards of $1000 for a résumé. How in the world could someone out of work afford that? I realized I could put my talents to good use and help, not just my father, but other people in the same predicament.
That's when Résumé Goat was born. 

There are millions of hard-working, qualified professionals in search of work who haven't been given the chance they deserve because they don't have the résumé they deserve. I wanted to change that, so I did. For the past several years I have been able to help thousands of people by writing and designing high-quality, ATS-friendly professional résumés at affordable prices.

I have a diverse and unique professional background with expertise and real-world experience across a variety of fields. I have formal education and professional experience in business, education, psychology, English language, marketing, public relations, culinary arts, high-end fashion, and animal welfare. 
I have over a decade of professional résumé writing and design experience—both at Résumé Goat, and in a corporate capacity as a Senior Professional Résumé Writer for Fortune 500 company Randstad (the world's second-largest HR consulting firm) and its acquired companies, RiseSmart, and Monster.com. 
I have worked for both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and I have corporate experience at some of the biggest companies in the U.S. including at the world headquarters of Whole Foods Market in Austin, TX and Calvin Klein in New York City, NY. I also have deep experience in the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry as the founder and inventor of a world-first snack product, which I brought to market, scaled to regional and national grocery stores,  and for which I received an invitation to Shark Tank's 12th season.
I have a degree in Business Administration as well as certifications in Professional Résumé Writing, Career Coaching, Interviewing Skills, Marketing, Culinary Arts, and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). A life-long learner with a commitment to feeding my brain as much as I can, I've returned to university more than once to study Psychology, Graphic Design, and Education.
I am what you would call a jack-of-all-trades! I speak three languages fluently (English, Spanish, and Turkish), I'm currently learning French, and I've lived on 5 continents. In my spare time I read books on botany, dabble in wooden spoon carving, do crosswords, hiking, kayaking, play board games, and more than anything, indulge in world and creative cooking. To be honest though, as a working mother of three under 5 years old, I hardly have time for any of those right now. Except cooking. I always find time to cook and spend a lot of my time sharing my love of cooking and nature with my kids. 
Thank you for reading this far!
I hope you'll reach out and move forward with my services. I would love to help you with your professional needs. Please email me at info@resumegoat.com if you have any questions. Or use the handy chat box to the right of your screen. That'll go directly to my phone.